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Speak to the Master Bat Maker

Speak to the Master Bat Maker


My name is James and I am the Founder of The Cricket Store. As this is The Cricket Store’s first blog post, I thought it best to introduce myself and why The Cricket Store is the perfect cricket retailer for you.

The Cricket Store is tailored to traditionalist cricketers and our aim is to make you feel like a pro every time you place an order.

Bat Consultation

When you order a cricHandmade English Willow Cricket Batsket bat from several brands on The Cricket Store you can speak with the Master Bat Maker. When speaking with the Master Bat Maker you can outline the exact bat that you are looking for, the balance, explain your style of play, what works best for you, etc. The Master Bat Maker will then handpick a bat to meet your specific requirements. 

Unlike other retailers, when you order a bat through The Cricket Store, it is sent directly to you from the Master Bat Maker’s workshop where your bat was handmade. This speeds up shipping and means that your bat has not been held in a shop or warehouse for months where it could deteriorate. It also means, if something does go wrong, we can speak directly with the Master Bat Maker who handmade your bat, and if there was an issue we can work together to resolve it for you.

As many of the Master Bat Makers we work with sponsor professional players and frequently handcraft custom bats for customers, they have extensive experience selecting bats to fit a customers’ requirements, ensuring that you will be equipped with the best bat to go and score a hundred!

At the time of writing this blog post, when you order a bat from Garrard & Flack, GTP Cricket, Morton & Carson, Robert James Cricket, Scott Cricket Bats, Vulcan Cricket, Wombat Cricket & World Class Willow, you can speak with the Master Bat Maker.

If you have any questions or feedback on how we could improve this experience or The Cricket Store store generally, please do not hesitate to send an email to

Thank you

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