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World Class Willow - Somerset's finest bat maker

World Class Willow - Somerset's finest bat maker

World Class Willow, based in Edington, Somerset was founded in 2018 and has fast become one of the best regarded independent British cricket bat makers. Head Bat Maker, Mike Kennedy, is internationally renowned for his master craftsmanship and consequently his cricket bats are being used used by numerous international and first-class cricketers around the world.

The distinctive branding of World Class Willow is deliberately designed to appeal to a wide audience, from the traditional, purist cricketer who likes to support independent British cricket bat makers to the casual cricketer, who is looking for a high quality bat with standout design. The World Class Willow Orca cricket bat, as recognised by The Cricketer magazine as the only bat to score 9/10 in their 2020 Good Gear Guide for performance, combines a high spine, modern profile, with substantial edges and an 8 piece cane handle, finished with a square toe. The Orca cricket bat is available on The Cricket Store and when you order it, you can schedule a consultation with Head Bat Maker, Mike Kennedy, who will hand select the perfect cricket bat for you. 

World Class Willow 2021 Cricket Bats

World Class Willow is truly that - the only willow they use for their bats is of the highest possible quality available including some grown and processed in Somerset. All bats are pressed and handcrafted by Mike, in the World Class Willow workshop. Mike attributes the quality of willow to a combination of patience, perfect soil acidity and moisture content, but particularly to individual tree management and care. To take a tree down too early risks quality as well as quantity of clefts, and a sustainable ‘bloodline’ for generations to come. The end result of this longer term view that is shared by all who World Class Willow work with is exceptional willow and ultimately the finest cricket bats. 

Looking forward 
Looking ahead to the 2021 season & beyond, Mike is continuing to develop World Class Willow into an industry leading bat maker, taking innovative approaches to bat making. Following the traditional principles of bat making with an innovative edge, putting himself at the forefront of industry innovation. The workshop in Somerset, where Mike is regularly found, is a trip I would encourage every keen cricketer to take and as a testament to Mike, he is always so open and welcoming to all cricket enthusiasts to visit and spend some quality time discussing the game. 

You can browse & order the entire World Class Willow 2020 range on The Cricket Store, here. Save 5% off the World Class Willow 2020 range with promo code: WCW5