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Scott Cricket Bats Custom Cricket Bat

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Order your dream custom cricket bat from Scott Cricket Bats. Pick every aspect of your cricket bat, so can feel like a pro and walk out to bat with your dream wand!

We believe we have something for everyone within our bat range, but also understand everyone has their own ideas on what makes the perfect bat. So for something different, a long blade, copy of a favourite bat, or a totally bespoke shape, let's make this together.

We can produce a bat to your desired shape and profile, weight, handle size, etc. or copy a profile you've seen elsewhere. Another popular option is to send your aging current bat in to be copied, which at the same time can be refurbished to be used as a back up to your new bat.

  • Grade of willow
  • low, low-mid, mid, mid-high, high-middle
  • Choice of any profile/shape 
  • SH, LH, SSH, short blade long handle, long blade long handle, etc.
  • Traditional or modern larger edges
  • Round, semi-round, or square toe
  • Minimal concaving or full profile (weight/edge size dependent)
  • Handle size and shape (round, semi-oval, oval, etc.)

As with our stock bats, our custom bats come with the following - 

  • UK-made grip
  • High quality, fully embossed stickers
  • Immaculately hand finished and machine polished 
  • "Grip Grip" added to secure the grip with a clean look
  • A UK-made scuff sheet fitted as standard
  • Comes with a full length padded "SCOTT" bat cover

To discuss the specification of your cricket bat with Jonathan, Scott Cricket Bat's Head Bat maker, please click the link below.