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Hard Yards Performance Bowler's Sock

Equipped with medical-grade grip inside and out, Hard Yards Performance Bowler’s Grip Socks keep your feet securely in place as you bowl. No slippage, just a solid, stable feel that makes sure you’re fully in control of your action over after over.

The science is simple. As you bowl, up to nine times, your bodyweight drives through your front foot, so any unwanted movement puts you at risk of injury and reduces the overall power of your delivery. Wearing Bowler’s grip socks, by contrast, every ounce of effort is directed where it counts: at taking wickets.

Designed with the input of pro bowlers, the heavier weight socks feature double-density padding at the ankle and toe for extra comfort and protection, along with custom ventilation over the foot to keep you fresh throughout your spell.

  • Dual-sided grip, meaning you have grip inside and outside your sock for ultimate control
  • Off-set grip acting to enhance blood flow and reduce the chance of blistering
  • Heavy-knit cotton for extra comfort and durability
  • Double density padding around the ankles and toes
  • Custom designed vents enhance breathability
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