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Hard Yards High Impact Protective Sweatband Set


Combining moisture-wicking cotton with a non-Newtonian guard that moulds to your arm and then instantly hardens on impact, the High Impact Protective Sweatband ensures you have the protection of a traditional armguard and the comfort of a sweatband.

Lab-designed and field-tested by professional cricket players, our protective sweatband is rivalled by no other and won’t let you down.

Its unique design means that there is a hidden internal pocket, allowing you to change the required level of protection or colour of the sweatband with ease.


  • High-Impact protective material, developed by scientists
  • Non-slip cuffs ensure that the sweatband remains comfortably in place
  • The moisture-wicking fabric gives you full innings comfort
  • Concealed internal pocket ensures you can change between levels of protection and sweatband colours with ease

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