Blog 1 - Launching The Cricket Store

Blog #1 - Launching The Cricket Store


My name is James and I am the Founder of The Cricket Store. As this is The Cricket Store’s first blog post, I thought it best to introduce myself and explain what makes The Cricket Store unique. 

The Cricket Store marries innovation in cricket retail, with tradition, partnering with many of the country’s finest bat makers.

The Cricket Store’s aim is to create a one-stop-shop for all your cricketing needs. All bats available on The Cricket Store are handmade from English Willow, in the UK. When you order a bat from The Cricket Store, unlike other retailers it comes straight from the bat makers workshop, meaning that once you find the perfect cricket bat you will receive it straight from the bat maker and be treated just like a pro. This also means, if anything goes wrong, you are then safe in the knowledge that you can speak with the Master Bat Maker, who made your bat and is best placed to help resolve the issue, with The Cricket Store’s support. 

One unique feature of The Cricket Store, which we are very excited about, is booking a "Bat Consultation" with the Master Bat Maker. This is only available on The Cricket Store and enables you to speak with the Master Bat Maker of the brand where you order your bat from. The Cricket Store partners with many of the country’s finest bat makers and this gives you a unique opportunity to speak with the person who handcrafts your bat, meaning you can discuss your requirements so they can handpick the perfect bat for you. 

The Cricket Store is also home to two of the UK’s finest Bat Doctors, who specialise in cricket bat repairs. Everyone has a favourite bat that they love and would like to keep using even when life has left it and now The Cricket Store enables you to restore life into your favourite blade. This service is available to all customers and can be purchased like any other product on The Cricket Store. All you need to do is purchase the service you would like and from there, print out the form and send that with your bat, to the Bat Doctor. 

In addition to offering these services, The Cricket Stores sells batting gloves, pads, spikes, helmets, bags & accessories, so we have all bases covered.

If you have any questions or feedback on how we could improve The Cricket Store store, please do not hesitate to send an email to

Thank you